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October 2010 > Conservation on the Tundra
Conservation on the Tundra
Posted: 10/3/2010 10:43:24 PM by Steve Pine

Thanks to Polar Bears International (PBI), we'll be reporting directly from the Arctic tundra this week, observing polar bears in the wild, and most importantly, studying the effects of accerlerating climate change on the environment.


Brookfield Zoo is an Arctic Ambassador Center and a partner with PBI, a conservation group based in Churchill, Manitoba. Polar bears gather each year outside Churchill on the shores of Hudson Bay, awaiting the return of the sea ice where they normally hunt and breed. In recent years, though, Arctic sea ice has retreated dramatically primarily due to increasing global temperatures,and polar bears are under severe threat from this habitat loss.


We'll be blogging right from the Tundra Buggies where we'll be spending our week, hearing from field scientists, colleagues, and Churchill residents about how climate disruption affects polar bears and the Arctic. And, we'll learn and share ways to inspire action—from individuals to entire communities-in reducing their carbon footprint.


Stay tuned for updates on our Conservation Action Blog ....and for starters, check out this video with Polar head onto the Alaskan sea ice with Dr. Steven C. Amstrup, a polar bear scientist with the U.S. Geological Survey. Dr. Amstrup talks about his 25-year career studying polar bears in the Arctic and shares his impressions of how the landscape has changed.

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