• Monarch
Opens on Saturday, May 24!

Every week in summer, hundreds of them emerge. And, when they are ready to take wing, keepers release them—infusing a rainbow of colors into the zoo's outdoor garden exhibit.

These natural beauties are butterflies, of course. A number of North American species, they range from swallowtails and sulphurs to monarchs and mourning cloaks.

Watch as they zip around the screened exhibit, past the pond, alighting on flowers and plants native to Illinois. You may even be lucky enough to find one or two resting on another native...you!

The exhibit also features a window into the 'pupa room' where guests can view the transformation of these creatures from pupa to caterpillar to butterfly.

But, be sure to visit before the season flies away!

Separate admission fee applies:
$4 Adults (non-members)
$2.50 Seniors 65 and over (non-members)
$2.50 Children 3 to 11 (non-members)
Members: Half price

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