Ready, Set, Go!

Kecil has reached all the milestones we have been waiting for. In just in the past few weeks, he has become proficient in climbing and finding his way around all the enclosures behind the scenes in Tropic World.

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Enrichment for Orangutans, Enrichment for Kecil

Enrichment enhance an animal's welfare by providing stimulating activities for them. Read about the types of enrichment that our orangutans receive.

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Kecil Turns One Year Old!

On January 11, 2015, Kecil turned one. We celebrated his birthday with some healthy cakes.

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How much does Kecil weigh?

Find out how we use a special weighing method to get Kecil's weight.

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How We Prepared for Kecil - PART 2

Part two of how we prepared for Kecil's arrival including the introduction between Kecil and his surrogate mom Maggie.

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