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A young guest at Brookfield Zoo’s Great Bear Wilderness exhibit has an up-close experience with a polar bear.


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By allowing guests to have up-close experiences with polar bears, such as at Brookfield Zoo’s Great Bear Wilderness, zoos hope to inspire people to help conserve, protect, and restore wildlife and their habitats by making environmentally friendly choices in their daily lives.

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At Brookfield Zoo’s Great Bear Wilderness exhibit, zookeepers present informal chats about polar bears to guests. The chats allow keepers to not only talk about the care they provide for the bears but also to offer a way to communicate with guests how daily actions the guests make can affect polar bears in the wild. 

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Climate Change Education E-book

Climate Change Education e-book (PDF)Climate Change Education e-book (PDF)
Science reveals that Earth’s climate is changing dramatically due to human actions. We are already seeing devastating impacts of climate change, such as the melting of polar ice, which is happening faster than even the most dire predictions. Yet, efforts to educate people about climate change and mobilize actions to mitigate it have not been too successful. Despite strong scientific consensus, some people do not believe climate change is happening or if they do, they feel disempowered to make a difference. Why? Climate Change Education: A Primer for Zoos and Aquariums by the Climate Literacy Zoo Education Network, reveals what some of the best minds know about climate change science, electronic media, psychology, learning sciences, communication, and interpretation. The book explores the links between these fields and provides valuable insights to everyone, especially zoos and aquariums, but also for museums and similar cultural institutions. Zoos and aquariums reach hundreds of millions of visitors each year, providing unique opportunities to relate to charismatic animals, allowing people to learn, feel, and be inspired to adopt behaviors that mitigate climate change.