Here’s your opportunity to meet some of the hidden and lesser known occupants of Tropic World: Asia. As part of the Asian Adventure, you will help give the tree shrews some enrichment; assist with the midday food toss to the gibbons; meet mysterious pygmy lorises, which come out only at night; observe an orangutan training session; and watch the Asian small-clawed otters as they get their lunch.

Asian Adventure is an hour-long program appropriate for animal lovers ages 12 to adult. The cost is only $250.00 per member ($300.00 per nonmember). Bring along a family member or friend and pay just $400 for both of you. ($500.00 for nonmembers) That’s a savings of $100.00!

Get started by following these five easy steps:
  1. Review the fact sheet to prepare for your adventure.
  2. Choose a date range to see when an exclusive program is available for you and/or a friend. (One participant and an optional family member or friend.)
  3. Complete the online registration forms.
  4. Print your confirmation page.
  5. Print and complete your program waiver.
2014 Asian Adventures

Asian Adventure

1 Hour 11:30-12:30 *9 Selected Tuesdays, March-August

1 Participant OR 2 Participants Age 12 or Older (Must Know Each Other) A parent or adult guardian who does not pay any additional fee, but is counted toward the maximum number of 2 participamts must accompany any participants under the age of 18.

Location: TW Asia
Parking: South Lot

Registration for this program has closed. Take a look at our other programs and check back next quarter for new program offerings.