Photo & Video Updates on the Grey Seal Pup Born at Brookfield Zoo
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January 14, 2014: Grey Seal Pup Explores Pool
The grey seal pup continues to do well and is exploring more of his surroundings. He seems a little hesitant about going into the water, but is curious. Since his birth he has put on about three to five pounds a day!

January 8, 2014: Grey Seal Pup Growing by Leaps & Bounds
Brookfield Zoo’s male grey seal pup born on January 1 is growing by leaps and bounds. He and his mom, Lily, remain off exhibit as they continue to bond well. The marine mammal staff has given him access to a small shallow pool and he has shown interest in it. Stay tuned for video and photos of him getting more acclimated to the water.


January 3, 204: Birth Announcement Video and Photos

WEB2_Grey-seal-pup-with-him-mom-Lily-1.jpg WEB2_Grey-seal-pup-with-him-mom-Lily-2.jpg WEB2_Grey-seal-pup-with-him-mom-Lily-3.jpg WEB2_Grey-seal-pup-with-him-mom-Lily-4.jpg