Can you think of a more interesting and unique place to work than a zoo? 
The role of zoos in society has changed around the world.  Recognizing the critical need to deal with environmental issues worldwide, zoos are working to increase people’s appreciation of conservation issues and inspire them to take action. The Society’s mission is to help inspire conservation leadership by connecting people with wildlife and nature.  New and renovated exhibits convey important conservation messages to more than 100 million people who visit zoos and aquariums worldwide each year. The evolution of zoos can be seen through dramatic changes in exhibits, animal care, educational programs, research, and much more.  
Every CZS employee has the opportunity to contribute to this important mission by communicating with and educating the public and others about the need for conservation around the world. Working towards this worthwhile mission provides thousands of employees with satisfying and rewarding zoo careers. 
Depending on the position, a position can involve very physically demanding work. This requires a special type of interest and dedication. One might be required to work inside or outdoors, in heat and cold, or in inclement weather.  Other positions may involve work that is primarily performed in an office setting.
The rewards of a zoo career, however, are great, regardless of the position. You have the opportunity to work in a unique setting with individuals who are highly dedicated to their work, to the animals, and to conservation.  Every employee has an opportunity to contribute to the Society’s important mission by sharing their knowledge, providing the best care to the animals, and providing exceptional service to the over 2 million visitors we see each year. The zoo provides a wonderful and unique setting and the opportunity to communicate to others how important it is to conserve our planet’s natural resources.
There are many highly specialized, technical, administrative, and professional careers in the zoo industry.  Frequently, one thinks of a zookeeping career when they think of a zoo.  Most zookeeper positions require a four-year college degree or equivalent. Training in zoology, biology, wildlife conservation, science, or similar field is preferred. Other research, professional, and conservation-related positions require an advanced degree.
In addition, there are many zoo careers that deal with the business and operating aspects of the enterprise. These include careers in fundraising and development, marketing, accounting, public relations, writing, education, human resources, information services/data processing, facilities management, retail operations, restaurant management, volunteer operations, and more.
A zoo career is interesting and challenging and will provide you with both personal and professional satisfaction, knowing that you are doing your part to help conserve and protect the environment for generations to come.