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96 Elephants Campaign
It has been estimated that, in recent years, poachers have slaughtered African elephants at a rate of 35,000 per year—about 96 elephants a day. Researchers believe that Africa’s savannah elephants and their smaller forest cousins may be extinct within two decades.

The Chicago Zoological Society is partnering with the New York-based Wildlife Conservation Society and more than 100 other accredited zoos and aquariums in a new program called the 96 Elephants Campaign. The goals are to educate people about this crisis; halt the sale of elephant ivory, whose demand leads to poaching; and most importantly, prevent the killing of elephants in the first more about our partnership and how you can help!

Take the Pledge
Learn about the plight of elephants in the wild and support the movement by taking the pledge at Share your pledge with friends and colleagues: together we can reduce demand for poached ivory and shut down the trade.


Two Bison Calves Born at Brookfield Zoo
We are happy to announce the birth of two bison calves: a male calf born to Leotie on May 31, and a female born to Lucy on June 6. Ron, 14, is the sire of both calves. 
Bison are the symbol of the Chicago Zoological Society because they are one of the first North American conservation success stories. The species was slaughtered to near extinction in the late 1800s, when they were hunted for their meat and bones but primarily for their hides, which were made into clothing, machine belts, and rugs. Historically, tens of millions of bison traveled hundreds of miles over the same route through the Great Plains, shaping the land and enriching the soil. Remnants of their deeply worn paths are still visible. However, by the end of the 19th century, bison populations were eliminated over 98 percent of their range in the lower 48 states, resulting in fewer than 1,000 individuals remaining.

And as welcome the newest members of our bison family, help make the Bison our national mammal! Go to or click the button below to vote for bison.