>Orangutan Enrichment Catalog

Blue Barrel/Wooden Feeder Box 

A hanging, heavy walled, modified plastic barrel (see building instructions for more detail) is given to our Orangutans as a feeding device and to encourage tool use. The wooden feeder box was made from plywood and served the same purpose

One of our Orangutans approaching the device.

A 55 gallon drum that was fitted with shelves and had 6 cm holes drilled into it. The barrel was closed at both ends and hung in the indoor exhibit from a chain in the center of the enclosure. The wooden box measures 2 feet square and is 3 feet tall with four shelves with holes drilled in the bottom at random so that the food or treats don’t fall straight out. It has to be manipulated. There are also holes drilled in the sides of the box to encourage tool use. One of the sides of the box also opens for easy cleaning.

(Katrina McCauley/Jane McEvoy – Columbus Zoo)