>Orangutan Enrichment Catalog


Encourage foraging for liquid enrichment on the outside of enclosure mesh.

Offer juices with long socks or similar pieces of absorbent fabric.

What you will need:
  • PVC pipe (4” diameter, 8” long- that way you can purchase a 2’ piece and make 3 juicers)
  • 4” PVC cap (on the bottom)
  • 4” PVC coupling (on the top)
  • PVC cement (and primer if you want)
  • Chain- stainless steel recommended
  • Bolt, 2 washers, nut- stainless steel recommended and secured with Loctite super glue
  • 2 clips (or 2 padlocks if orangutans can unfasten clips) to attach to mesh

(Danielle Fogarty – Brookfield Zoo)