>Orangutan Enrichment Catalog


Painted paper maché objects are given to the Orangutans as a novel way of presenting treats or diet. They also enjoy sitting in the large ones and can use them as moveable shade structures as well.

These are two of our Orangutans (Willie and Sally) interacting with a larger piñata. They utilized this particular piñata throughout the day.

- Before using any boxes we make sure that all sticker, tape, and staples are removed. We also make small piñatas by blowing up balloons and paper macheing over them. Once they have dried we remove the balloon. For the paper mache paste we use a mixture of flour and water. We add a small amount of salt once we have the proper consistency. Do not add glue or any other ingredients to the mixture. We have found that it is best to do one layer at a time with drying time in between layers so that the items dry all the way through and do not start growing mold or mildew. (The salt helps with this as well)

(Katrina McCauley/Jane McEvoy – Columbus Zoo)