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Wheel Barrow top hanging structure

Hanging structure used to encourage arboreal foraging, resting and nest building.

What you will need:
• Plastic wheel barrow top
• Fire hose
• Various hardware- stainless steel recommended
• Loctite

Materials needed to fasten fire hose directly onto wheel barrow:
1. 12 bolts- 2” length, 3/16” diameter
2. 12 washers- 3/16”
3. 12 lock washers- 3/16”
4. 12 cap nuts- 3/16”

To attach each fire hose to an oblong stainless steel connector, fold fire hose through the connector and attach it back to itself using a 2” bolt, washer, lock washer and 2 nuts (everything x 2 for each fire hose which equals 8 sets of hardware). Make sure the fire hose is attached to the outside of the wheel barrow then threaded through a 3.25” x .75” hole toward the inside of the wheel barrow. Complete structure by drilling drain holes in the bottom.

(Danielle Fogarty – Brookfield Zoo)