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Nature Activities
Family exploring natureAre you ready to explore and have fun in nature with your child? Brookfield Zoo has developed hundreds of activities to get you started!

Outdoor Nature Play is full of easy projects to do in your own yard, while Indoor Nature Play offers options for those crummy days when you’re trapped indoors. Family Gardening shares simple ways to get your child started on planting projects, and Chicagoland Nature can help you find a nearby nature preserve that your children will enjoy. (In Nature Collections you'll find ideas about what to do with all the cool things you and your child might find while on your nature walk.)
How to Grow a Caring Kid
Family Gardening
Chicagoland Nature
Indoor Nature Play
Outdoor Nature Play
Nature Collections
Backyard Wildlife
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If you’re thinking of getting a pet for your family, the Pets section is a good place to start. Backyard Wildlife will help if you want to encourage (or discourage!) native plants and animals to visit your yard. Finally, read the How to Grow a Caring Kid section to learn more about why nature play is so important for your child’s development.

And remember—follow your children’s lead. Let them pick the project and do it their way. No rules need apply—they’ll learn plenty and have a lot more fun doing it. If you’re lucky, you just may get a glimpse into that childhood sense of wonder, and experience it for yourself one more time.

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