We are proud to announce our newest exhibit experience, called Adventures with Agua, at Brookfield Zoo. This experience allows you to learn about nonpoint source pollution and some of the challenges facing the Great Lakes in a fun, interactive way. More importantly, you can discover some easy, positive environmental choices you can start making.

Agua, the friendly waterdrop character who acts as the guide through this realm, turns you into a waterdrop and takes you from Lake Michigan into Chicagoland and your daily life, exploring how everyday decisions affect the quality of water in watersheds. You travel through watersheds and end up in a surprise destination.

You also have the opportunity to become a Water Hero–in essence, a superhero–for the benefit of the Great Lakes. (Who wouldn’t enjoy meeting the valiant superheroes and dastardly villains you encounter along the way?) You will also learn about some real-life Water Heroes who are working to clean up and conserve our water resources.

Finally, you will get to take the H20ath to empower you to help protect water resources in the future.

Besides being full of...well, let's face it: water...Agua is full of information on protecting the vital water resources on which we all rely. Below are links to some of the stuff that Agua wants you to know about.

Adventures with Agua
Chicago Zoological Society
Adventures with Agua was developed thanks to a generous grant from the Illiniois Environmental Protection Agency!