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Dad-Game on Point!

Not all animal fathers partake in parental care. That’s ok – it’s how nature intended it! But some animal dads are rock stars when it comes to nurturing offspring to adulthood.  Here are some dynamite dads can you visit this Father’s Day right here at Brookfield Zoo!

Humboldt penguin

These Peruvian penguins share parenting responsibilities equally. Both the father and mother penguin take turns incubating the nest while the other parent goes to sea to forage for food. Once the chick has hatched Humboldt penguin parents continue to take turns foraging for food while the other watches the chick. Their tag team parenting game is on point! Find our Humboldt Penguins at The Living Coast!

Cotton top tamarin

These tiny monkeys usually give birth to twins. I’m sure any human parent of twins can attest, it takes a team to make it work! And since there aren’t double strollers or baby slings for tamarins, dad helps out by carrying the infants the majority of the time. This allows mom tamarin time and energy to forage for food to nourish herself and produce milk to feed the twins. Spot our cotton top tamarins at Tropic World!


After female emus lay eggs, they split to find another mate while the male incubates the nest. The male emu will attend to his fatherly duties, forgoing food and water, until the eggs hatch about two months later. Emu Dad will take the chicks "a-foraging" and protect them from danger for the next seven months! Eye our emus at Australia House or Wild Encounters.

Potbelly seahorse

Are you ready for this one? The MALES get pregnant! Yup. The female seahorse deposits her eggs into the male brood pouch, where he will fertilize them and carry them to term, around 30 days. He will then go into labor, contracting the pouch to thrust out the little baby seahorses.  Wow, nature – you crazy! Peep at our potbelly seahorses at The Living Coast!

Tell me humans, how is your father’s Dad-Game on point? Share the ways your dad is stellar on Twitter or Instagram @CandidCroc! Bring your dad to Brookfield Zoo to visit our amazing animal dads!

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