Bringing Brookfield Zoo To You

During Brookfield Zoo's temporarily closure, we wanted to keep the connection between animals and our members, guests, and friends. That's why we brought the zoo to you! Since we have now reopened and timed ticket reservations are available, we are shifting out focus back to the in-park experience. However, we'll still keep bringing the zoo to you across our social media channels. 

If you missed any of the videos when they were live, don't worry! All Bringing The Zoo To You recordings are available to watch on on our YouTube channel

Looking for fun actitivies to do at home? We also added "I Scienced" At-Home e-learning resources right here in order to build on the knowledge learned in the chats and encourage more animal-related education. The activities are aimed at ages PreK-2 and 3-5, but we encourage any young animal lovers to participate. You'll find these linked below. 

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Coloring Pages & Printable Masks

* "We Love BZ" Drawing (click to dowload): Draw, paint, or color your favorite animal inside the heart and send it to us via social media. We'd love to see what you come up with!

* "Hang In There" Sloth Drawing (click to dowload): Color in a two-toed sloth at your own speed. 

* "Stay Strong" Gorilla Drawing (click to download): Color in a western lowland gorilla and be part the troop!

* "Stop the Spread" Lion Drawing (click to download): Color in an African lion who is helping to stop the spread and thinking of others.

* "Stop the Spread" Tiger Drawing (click to download): Color in an Amur tiger who is helping to stop the spread and thinking of others.

*  "We're In This Together" Humboldt Penguin Drawing (click to download): Color in your favorite Brookfield Zoo Humboldt penguins.

* Bear Masks (click to download Mask 1Mask 2Mask 3): Download our three unique bear masks. Cut, color, and become a bear! 

* Bear Awareness Coloring Page (click to download): Color in your favorite Brookfield Zoo polar bears and grizzly bears!


"I Scienced" At-Home Activities

Week of March 30 "I Scienced "At-Home" Activities (click to download): This week, Broofield Zoo's Animal Care Specialists presented a variety of animals that live in different places. These animals have special body parts and features (called "adaptations") that enable them to survive and thrive in their environments. Check out these fun activities to learn more about animal adaptations.

Week of April 6 "I Scienced" At-Home Activities (click to download): This week, Brookfield Zoo Animal Care staff are presenting you with a variety of animals that eat very different kinds of food. What an animal eats depends on several things. First, it depends on where the animal lives, or its habitat. That’s because different places have different types of plants, animals, and insects. Also, an animal’s diet depends on how well it can catch, chew, and digest its food. 

Week of April 13 "I Scienced" At-Home Activities (click to download): This week, Brookfield Zoo Animal Care staff are presenting animals that live in all parts of the world. They have unique body markings and different ways to move around. People who look closely at animals for similarities or differences are good observers and often record what they see.

Week of April 20 "I Scienced" At-Home Activities (click to download): In honor of Earth Week, let’s explore all the wonderful things about the Earth! Take a nature walk with your family and appreciate the little things!

Week of April 20 "I Scienced" At-Home Activities Español (haga clic para descargar): ¡En honor a la Semana de la Tierra, exploremos todas las cosas maravillosas de la Tierra! ¡Tome un paseo por la naturaleza con su familia y aprecie las pequeñas cosas!

Week of May 4 "I Scienced" At-Home Activities (click to download): This week, Brookfield Zoo’s Animal Care staff are presenting animals that have special abilities or body parts that help them find food and water or escape predators.

Week of May 4 "I Scienced" At-Home Activities Español (haga clic para descargar): Esta semana, el personal de Cuidado Animal del Zoológico de Brookfield está presentando animales que tienen habilidades especiales o partes del cuerpo que les ayudan a encontrar comida y agua o escapar de los depredadores.

Week of May 18 "I Scienced" At-Home Activities (click to download): This week, Brookfield Zoo celebrates Bear Awareness week! Brookfield Zoo cares for three of the eight bear species around the world – Grizzly, Polar, and Sloth bears. As you listen to the Zoo’s animal care team present about bears, listen carefully for ways they are similar and ways they are different.

Week of May 18 "I Scienced" At-Home Español (haga clic para descargar): ¡Esta semana, el zoológico de Brookfield celebra la Semana de Concienciación del Oso! Brookfield Zoo se preocupa por tres de las ocho especies de osos en todo el mundo: osos pardos, polares y perezosos. Mientras escuchas al equipo de cuidado animal del zoológico presentar sobre los osos, escucha atentamente las maneras en que son similares y las formas en que son diferentes.

Week of June 1 "I Scienced" At-Home Activities (click to download): Over the next several zoo chats, Brookfield Zoo staff will highlight different birds, mammals, and fish. You will see much animal variety this week and we want you to celebrate the variety of plants and animals around your house, too.


"Bringing The Zoo To You" Facebook Live Chats

Binturong & Prehensile Tails

* Snakes & Camouflage

Unique Feet with Red Panda & Reindeer

Mexican Gray Wolves Carcass Feeding

* Nigerian Dwarf Goat Weigh-In

Armored Animals: Armadillo & Turtle

Quilbert Prehensile-Tailed Porcupine

Outstanding Owls

Parrots: Major Mitchell's Cockatoo & Golden Conure

Carolyn & Sabiena Sea Lion Update

Reticulated Giraffes

Brutus & Titus - Our New African Lions

Kirby the K9 Police Dog

Elsie the Two-Toed Sloth

Coatimundi Physical Exam

Pelican Feeding

Celia & Peanut Gray Seal Pups

American Bison


William Wallaby

Moon & Upside-Down Jellies

Hudson Polar Bear

Grevy's Zebras


Pacific Coast Fish

Kiinaq Gray Seal

Whirl Amur Tiger

Peafowl & Guineafowl

Humboldt Penguins

* Przewalski's Horses

Mr. Pants Nigerian Dwarf Goat

Jim & Axhi Grizzly Bears


African Painted Dog Puppies

Taveta Golden Weavers

Puerto Rican Crested Toads

Zoo Animal Nutrition

Bald Eagles

Lowland Tapir




* Guam Kingfisher Chick

* Raisin the Two-Toed Sloth

* Echinoderms

* Orinoco Crocodiles

Josie & Charger Sea Lion

Llama & Alpaca Walk

Amur Leopard

Choose Your Zoo Adventure (Red Panda, Lions, Giraffes, Rhinos, Gorillas)

Dolphins in Action

* Orangutans & White-Cheek Gibbons

* Bear Awareness Week

* Marsupials

* Red River Hogs

* Camping Safety w/Brown Bears

* Gorillas

River Otters

White-throated Monitor Lizards

Andean Condors

Birds of the Swamp

* Black Rhinos

* Togo Slipper Frogs

* Pygmy Hippos

* Swan Lake & Dragonfly Marsh

* Wombats & Echidnas

* Feathers & Scales Exhibit Snakes

* Zoo Animal Diets & Nutrition

* Sarasota Dolphin Research Program

Galápagos & Sulcata Tortoises

* Quilbert & Norman Porcupines

* Mole Rats

* Dwarf Mongoose

* Coral Reef & Fish

* Roadrunners

* Victoria Crowned Pigeons

* Amur Tiger Health Exam

* Tarantula & Spiders

* Tawny Frogmouth

* Reptiles of The Swamp

* Sloth Bears

* Bat-Eared Foxes

* Brutus & Titus Lions II

* Serval Run

* Hudson Polar Bear Paints

* Reptiles & Amphibians

* Blanding's Turtles

* Fishing Cats

* Ring-Tailed Lemurs

Check back each weekday for new videos and more fun activities!

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