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Hudson Polar Bear: Some of us enjoy ham and eggnog for the holidays. Others like to feast on shank bones and fish. Hudson Polar bear falls into the latter category. The 10-year-old Brookfield Zoo native also enjoys peanut butter, watermelon, bone marrow, and other treats his care specialists hide around his habitat at Great Bear Wilderness. But tracking down treats is not all he does: his full schedule also includes swimming in the exhibit’s various habitats and, during the summer, leaping on and breaking ice blocks, which is a natural behavior for polar bears.

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Adopt Raisin the two-toed slothRaisin Hoffman’s two-toed sloth: “Free spirit.” That’s how the animal care specialists in Tropic World like to describe Raisin, a Hoffmann’s two-toed sloth. She’s not a Tropic World original: she arrived from Zoo Atlanta in October 2016. But she has definitely made the South America habitat her own. Once at Brookfield Zoo, she quickly—at least as quickly as sloths do anything—became adept at crossing over the public walkway on the “vine highway.” On the other side, she explores planters or kicks back for an afternoon nap in a specially designed hammock. Now that’s the life!

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Zeus California Sea LionZeus California Sea Lion was born March 6, 2015, at Oceans of Fun in Milwaukee, WI. He arrived at Brookfield Zoo in April 2017. Since his arrival, this spunky 2-year-old has been putting a smile on the faces of many zoo guests with his energetic antics.

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Sarani Snow Leopard at Brookfield ZooMalaya, our female snow leopard, was born at Brookfield Zoo on June 16, 2015. Snow leopards are found from Afghanistan to eastern Tibet, in high mountain areas, up to 16,000 feet, and at lower elevations in the winter. They walk on their toes and are quite agile with great leaping ability especially when they combine leaping with ricocheting off rocks. The Chicago Zoological Society participates in the Snow Leopard SSP which has made great strides in establishing a genetically and demographically stable population of the species in North American Zoos.

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