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Screen-Shot-2020-04-01-at-11-42-23-AM.pngCharlotte North American River Otter: Charlotte North American River Otter is a 13-year-old river otter that lives in a habitat in THE SWAMP. Playful by nature, river otters are excellent swimmers and divers, moving gracefully through the water. These inquisitive animals were nearly extinct in Illinois waterways until a recovery program in the 1990s brought them back. 
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Bunny-reindeer.jpgAto Reticulated Giraffe: Ato Reticulated Giraffe is a very spirited and active male giraffe. His name “Ato” is of African origin and means bright, brilliant young man.  Not surprisingly, 7-year-old Ato, enjoys interacting with female giraffes. He also like chewing on vegetation, playing with bamboo wind chimes, and figuring out how to use his 20-inch tongue to pull food morsels out of puzzle feeders.  He lives in HABITAT AFRICA! THE SAVANNAH.  In the wild, the overall population of giraffes has been rapidly declining.
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  • Animal Adoption program decal
  • Invitation to the exclusive Animal Adoption summer event (ticket purchase required)

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