Join us for two and a half hours of fun working towards scouting badge, patch, journeys, achievements, or elective requirements while having fun at the zoo! Each program will include hands-on activities, games, and a guided hike.

Note: Programs may not meet all badge requirements. On-your-own activities are intended to help you complete the additional requirements to earn the badge. Badges are not included with the program but can be purchased from your local council shop upon completion of the final requirements unless otherwise specified.

Price: Adults are $5 and children are $25. We require at least 1 adult for every 5 children. A deposit of $5 per person is required to reserve spots. Final payments ($20 per child) are due no later than 30 days prior to the program. Cost includes workshop and all supplies as well as admission and parking to the zoo for the day of the program.

How to register: Fill out the BADGES Interest Form at the bottom of this page. We'll reach out to you within 3 business days to help you arrange your program. 

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Multi-Level Programs

Celebrating Grandparents

Boys & Girls, K through 6th grades (6 - 12 years)

Celebrating Grandparents: We know grandparent’s day is in September but we think they are so special that we should celebrate twice a year! Join us for this intergenerational program intended for youth and their grandparents or great-grandparents* to attend together. This unique B.A.D.G.E.S. program celebrates and connects participants with each other while exploring wildlife and nature and making lasting memories. Participants will enjoy lots of fun with partner games, biofacts (animal artifacts), a hike, and much more! *Any adult can be a “grandparent” for this program.

This program does not work towards a specific scout badge but does connect to the following badges:

- “Lupe Petal: Honest and Fair” Daisy petal
- “My Family Story” & “Celebrating Community” Brownie Badge
- “Playing the past” Junior Badge
- “Science of happiness” Cadette Badge
- “Games Tigers play” Tiger Adventure
- “Collections and Hobbies” Wolf Adventure
- “Grin and Bear it” Bear Adventure
- “Aware and Care” Webelos Adventure

Zoo World Patch - Role of a Modern Zoo

Boys & Girls, 4th through 6th grades (9 - 12 years)

Zoo World Patch is a self-guided program that enables groups to earn an exclusive Brookfield Zoo patch by completing a series of fun, educational activities on your own on any visit during the year but we are offering this as a one day special event as well. Our staff will facilitate this badge experience along with some added fun you can’t get with the self-guided program! Come learn about the role of a modern zoo, the challenges of running a zoo, and how you can support conservation efforts and make a difference.

On your own activities:

Before your program: "How do you feel about zoos?" activity
After your program: Create an exhibit. These additional activities will be included in your welcome e-mail.

Added Bonus: You will receive the Zoo World Patch upon completing the program!

Can’t attend the program? You can purchase this as a self-guided program to do any day of the year here

Girl Scout Programs

Bird Bath Award

Daisy Girl Scouts, K through 1st grades (5 - 7 years)

Come learn about how we care for our animals, what makes them unique, and how you can help support animals at home, at the zoo, and in the wild.

On your own activities:

Before or after the program visit the Hamill Family Play Zoo to use your imagination to explore and practice caring for animals.
Note: Hamill Family Play Zoo is free November 1 - December 31!


Brownie Girl Scouts, 2nd through 3rd grades (7 - 9 years)

Come join us in exploring the amazing world of bugs!

On your own activities:

Before or after the program visit two exhibits that have bugs: Swamp, Fragile Kingdom Rainforest, Swan Lake (in Great Bear Wilderness), Butterflies exhibit (fee), Hamill Family Play Zoo (fee).



Brownie Girl Scouts, 2nd through 3rd grades (7 - 9 years)

Did you know the human nose can recognize around 10,000 smells or that bats use the sense of hearing to locate objects and food? We will be exploring four of your five senses and learning all about how animals use their senses in special ways!

On your own activities:

Before or after the program explore your sense of taste.

Animal Habitats

Junior Girl Scouts, 4th through 5th grades (9 - 11 years)

Habitats are just a fancy way to say where an animal lives! We will explore adaptations to help animals survive in their environment, how we incorporate habitats in our exhibit designs, and explore habitats that are endangered.

On your own activities:

Before or after the program visit two exhibits. Then, discuss what adaptations (characteristics or behaviors) would be best to survive in these habitats.


Boy Scout Programs

Backyard Jungle

Tiger Scouts, 1st grade (6 - 7 years)

Join us on an exciting zoo adventure learning about plants, birds, and going on a hike!

On your own activities:

Before or after the program: Visit two exhibits that includes birds: Feather and Scales, Reptiles & Birds, Tropic World, Great Bear Wilderness, Living Coast, Wild Encounters (fee).
After the program: Hang your bird feeder.

Paws on the Path

Wolf Scouts, 2nd grade (7 - 8 years)

Come join us for an after-hours adventure at the zoo. Find out about birds, insects and other animals that enjoy the night. Then, we will be ready for night hike around zoo!

On your own activities:

Before the program: Review the Cub Scout Six Essentials & the Outdoor Code.


Fur, Feathers, and Ferns

Bear Scouts, 3rd grade (8 - 9 years)

Examine wildlife and nature up-close and from a distance with this wild adventure at the zoo. Learn about native plants and animals, endangered species, and enjoy a hike around the zoo!

On your own activities:

Before or after the program plant a vegetable or herb garden.

Into The Wild

Webelo Scouts, 4th and 5th grades (9 - 11 years)

Come learn all about caring for animals, observe wildlife, and discover what you can do to help endangered species.

On your own activities:

We will be working on five of the six requirements; 1, 5, 6, 7, and 9. Choose one other requirement and expand on "caring for your insect" requirement 1.


BADGES Interest Form

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