Zoo Talks

Experience Zoo Talks with your class, then head out into the zoo to explore!

All Zoo Talks are 50 minutes and available for Grades 6 through 12. $4.50 per student. Call 708-688-8367 for reservations.

Animal Training and Enrichment

We feed the bodies and minds of zoo animals. The animals become the students when we teach them how to participate in their own care. Discover how ordinary items such as pumpkins become teaching tools and how you can also enrich the lives of your pets.

Zoo Careers

"I love art!" "I like cooking!" "I want to be a dentist!" "I want to work at the zoo." Brookfield Zoo employs over 1,000 animal lovers-but they don't all work with animals. Come learn about the many jobs at Brookfield Zoo, all of which help make the zoo a world-class operation.

Behind the Design of Zoo Exhibits

Enter the world of exhibit planners…it's more compli- cated than you might think. Teams of experts must consider how deep to bury fences, how much shade to provide, where visitors will rest, and much more. Explore the common materials that go into exhibit design as you learn the tricks of the trade.

Species Survival Plans (SSP)

Zoos to the rescue! We all know zoos help endangered animals, but how? And which ones? Explore all the angles when you meet an animal expert at the zoo. Teachers can choose to focus the talk on Humboldt penguins, golden lion tamarins, okapi or a general overview of SSP animals.

Endangered! Primate Populations

Through this multi-media presentation learn about the amazing primates at Brookfield Zoo. Students will learn how to identify observed behaviors, just like researchers studying wild primates. Afterword, head on over to Tropic World for a self-guided visit and have students complete scan and point sample observations to take back to the classroom to analyze.

The Scoop on Poop!

There's more to poop than meets the eye…or the nose! Discover the many benefits of this natural substance. You may think of poop in a whole new way!

Local Habitats

Right here, in and around Chicago, are patches of land that are home to thousands of native species of plants and animals. These are some of the rarest natural com- munities on earth! Learn about the prairies, savannahs, forests, and wetlands that share this area with us.