We are fortunate to partner with the National Inclusion Project, a program that helps benefit Zoo Campers of varying abilities, including but not limited to: physical disabilities, autism, sensory processing disorders, and attention deficit disorders. We are pleased to have on our staff, Taylor Richier, an Inclusion Specialist whose role is to support our Counselor staff in providing inclusive experiences and making sure the Zoo is for all campers! To discuss accommodations for your child, please give us a call at 708-688-8342 and we’d be happy to discuss how your child can best be supported this summer!

Physical Accommodations

Our staff are familiar with physical accessibility needs. Most places campers will visit at the Zoo have ramps, railings, accessible picnic tables, and accessible restrooms. Our staff are also familiar with adapting physical activities to camper needs and abilities. Campers will have access to adapted craft materials as needed such as squeeze scissors and large markers. For campers with low endurance and/or limited mobility, we have a wagon and wheelchairs available and frequent breaks are encouraged.

Communication Accommodations

Our staff understand that communication needs and abilities can vary greatly. We are able to accommodate children who use both verbal and non-verbal means of communication such as augmentative and alternative communication devices, basic American Sign Language, Picture Exchange Communication Systems, and other visual supports.

Social Accommodations

We strive to make Zoo Camp a positive social experience and to celebrate the diversity of all staff, guests, and campers. Our staff are trained in modeling positive social behaviors and in the recognition and prevention of bullying. Our staff will incorporate your child’s strengths and interests in camp activities, encourage making friends, and provide structured social support (such as through the use of social stories).

Behavioral Accommodations

At Zoo Camp, we focus on the use of positive reinforcement to encourage safe and appropriate behavior. Some accommodations that are available at Zoo Camp include picture schedules, token systems, sticker charts, timers, and behavior plans. We are happy to discuss with you behavior triggers, positive reinforcement, and de-escalation methods to best support your child.

Sensory Accommodations

Our staff are aware that some children have specific sensory sensitivities or needs. We have fidget toys, noise cancelling headphones, ear plugs, and non-latex gloves available upon request. Campers are also welcome to bring any assistive sensory devices from home (such as sun glasses or weighted compression vests). Many camp activities will engage multiple senses (sight, touch, taste, smell, sound) and all campers are encouraged to participate in whatever way best matches their needs and abilities.

Additional Support

We are able to accommodate campers who would benefit from having additional staff support. If your child requires assistance with eating, using the restroom, or administering medication, you or another relative or caregiver over 18 years of age are welcome to stay at the Zoo during the camp day without paying the Zoo admission fee to assist your child. Our staff are not able to assist with feeding, toileting, or administering medication.

We are committed to ensuring that your child has the best possible experience while at Zoo Camp. You can help us accomplish this by completing our Zoo Camp Accommodation form. This form is completely voluntary and will be treated confidentially by our staff. 

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We are proud to partner with the National Inclusion Project to benefit Zoo Campers with special needs, including physical disabilities, autism, sensory processing disorders, and attention deficit disorders.