Blue Poison Frog

Blue Poison Frog

Dendrobates azureus

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Quick Facts
Body Length:
0.6 to 2.9 inches
1.05 Ounces
Wild diet: Ants, beetles, termites, millipedes.
Zoo Diet: Fruit flies, springtails, and crickets.
Distribution: Forests of southern Suriname and northern Brazil.
Habitat: Moist areas around ponds and streams.

Deadly Beauty

The brightly colored members of the family of poison frogs come in hues that would make an artist green with envy. Skins in brilliant reds, blues, yellows, and greens make these frogs among the most colorful of all animals. The pattern of coloration varies as well, from spots to stripes to splashes of color in great and small amounts. The blue poison frog is one of the most beautiful of them all. Blue poison frogs are found only in the rain forests of southern Surinam, a country in northern South America.


Blue poison dart frogs are a medium-size frog thta lives in rain-forest haibtats. They have bright blue skin with black spots that serve as a warning to potential predators. Each frog has a different pattern of spots. These spots can then serve as identification markers for individuals. Their skin is darker in color around the legs and the belly. Their skin secretes alkaloids, which are poisonous to most predators. The alkaloids either paralyze or kill a predator that attempts to consume the frog. Blue poison dart frogs have a curved back and four toes on each limb, with stick pads on each toe.

Status in the Wild

While blue poison dart frogs are not considered threatened, habitat destruction and illegal collecting for the pet trade have impacted their populations. The range of blue poison dart frogs contains several protected areas.

Conservation Programs

Listed as "least concern" on the IUCN Red List (International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources).

Adopt a Blue Poison Frog

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Adopt a Blue Poison Frog!

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