African Giant Millipede

African Giant Millipede

Spirobolus spp.

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Quick Facts
Length: 8 to 11 inches
Wild diet: scavenges on rotting plant material, but will also feed on algae, fruit and dead animals.
Zoo Diet: Fruit and vegetables, leaf eater chows, romaine lettuce
Distribution: Tropical and sub-tropical Africa
Habitat: Under moist debris, rotting wood, etc.

The African giant millipede is a long, black, cylindrical animal, with four legs (two pairs) on each body segment. It is thought to be the largest millipede in the world, growing to 12 inches long. It lives in the rain forests of Africa, where the weather is warm and humid and the forest floor is thick with dead vegetation. They love it when their food falls on the floor...the forest floor that is. It is a herbivore, which means it feeds mainly on plants. Powerful legs help the millipede navigate through the mountain of tasty dead vegetation that has fallen into their path.

Status in the Wild

The African Giant Millipede is not considered endangered. 

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