Animal Ambassadors - Hamill Family Wild Encounters - Hamill Family Play Zoo

This dynamic and exciting program offers the intern an opportunity to work in close proximity with the largest variety of bird, mammal, reptile, amphibian, fish, and invertebrate species found at Brookfield Zoo. Among the nearly 70 species that reside in this workgroup are red panda, Eurasian lynx, ring-tail lemurs, reindeer, llamas, alpacas, Dumeril’s boas, red-tailed hawks, tamanduas, free-flight parakeets, two-toed sloth, Bennett's wallabies, ravens, black & white tegu, armadillos, cape porcupine, and African servals. Interns will be assigned to a work with a mentor based out of the Wild Encounters, Hamill Family Play Zoo, or Animal Ambassador areas, and will also have an opportunity to cross-train in both remaining sections.

Interns will receive hands-on experience while assisting with daily keeper duties and will learn about the many aspects of captive animal management and health care, including training techniques, behavioral enrichment, animal nutrition, exhibit design, record keeping, animal behavior, population management, and many other skills that are necessary for success in a modern zoo environment.

Animal Ambassador Slinky SnakeInterns will also have an opportunity to participate in keeper chats around the zoo and animal presentations which may take place at off-site venues such as schools, libraries, or television studios.

Each intern will be required to complete a project during which they research, design, and create a behavioral enrichment item to be used by an animal in this department. During this project, interns may have the opportunity to collaborate with other departments in the zoo such as the nutrition department, behavioral husbandry department, or the exhibits department. Should they desire, interns may also complete additional projects as approved by the curator or assigned by their mentor.