Habitat Africa! The Forest

Zoo visitors will experience one of two African habitats in this indoor/outdoor exhibit. A variety of animals in this exhibit represent the Forest Dwellers of Central Africa (particularly Democrat Republic of Congo). Okapi, duikers, royal antelope, giant elephant shrews, red-billed hornbills, red river hogs, European white storks and Saddle-billed storks are amongst the many animals represented in this exhibit.

Through their close work with keepers, electronic learning, and their understanding of suggested reading materials, interns receive practical experience in keeper duties and learn many aspects of captive animal management.

Working alongside their keeper mentor, interns are exposed to animal nutrition, exhibit maintenance, record-keeping, animal training, and animal observations.

As a requirement of the Habitat Africa! The Forest internship; interns are required to do a short research project relating to any aspect of animal husbandry as determined by Forest management or intern choice.