Interns in this area will have the opportunity to work closely with keepers to learn husbandry practices and management of a variety of hoofed animals. Some of these animals include, Camels, Grevy’s Zebras, Addax and Gerenuk. Selected candidates will experience what it is like to manage animals in a “free contact” setting. The intern will gain valuable husbandry experience with species in breeding situations, as well as potential pregnancies and neonates (this occurs primarily in the summer).

Through close work with keepers and with understanding of suggested reading materials, interns receive practical experience in keeper duties and learn many aspects of captive animal management. Interns will become versed in exhibit maintenance, record-keeping, diet preparation, be introduced to animal training through positive reinforcement and hone their observational skills.

As part of their experience, interns will be required to do a research project that will be developed with keeper staff per current department needs.

There is a preference for juniors or seniors in college who plan to pursue a career in animal care/zookeeping, but all who meet the requirements are welcome to apply. Some animal care and/or research experience is also preferred.