The Pachyderm building is one of the zoo’s original structures. Over the years, the Pachyderm building has housed a wide variety of large animals. Currently it is home to Pygmy Hippos, Black Rhinos, and two species of tapirs. The Pachyderm keepers also care for the zoo’s herd of American Bison; interns will have an opportunity to work with these animals as well.

The Pachyderm building internship will focus on several aspects of caring for large animals, including safe husbandry, operant conditioning, behavioral enrichment, and public interaction. Intern candidates interested in the Pachyderm department should possess a willingness to learn about these aspects under close supervision of experienced keepers and be able to handle a strenuous workload.

This internship will be 12 weeks, and a relevant project will be required. If physical and mental challenges appeal to you, then the Pachyderm building is the place to be. Caring for some of the world’s largest land animals can be very demanding but also very rewarding!