Small-Carnivores.jpgSmall Carnivores - Desert's Edge and Clouded Leopard Rainforest

The Small carnivore area consists of two sections, The Desert’s Edge and The Clouded Leopard Rainforest, and contains four separate daily routines. During their 12 weeks with us, Small carnivore interns rotate through both the Desert and Rainforest sections, working closely with animal care specialists. The Small carnivore internship provides experience with a diverse collection of species consisting of small carnivores, small mammals, rodents, reptiles and amphibians, and more. This includes species like Clouded leopard, Caracal, Meerkat, Binturong, Pangolins, Molerats, and more.

During the 12 weeks, each intern will learn the daily husbandry care for many species. The program is designed to teach the fundamentals of animal husbandry, and gives a special focus to some of the crucial concepts that are necessary to succeed in this career. This includes time spent learning natural history, species-specific enrichment, animal training, nutrition, and many more.

The ultimate goal of the program is to leave each intern with an experience in which they have learned all of the tools to be an effective animal care specialist, and the impact their contributions in association with the many others have in supporting conservation efforts locally as well as globally.


Essential Tasks

Interns will work in a fast paced, team setting learning the daily ins and outs of being an Animal Care specialist. Each day offers a wide variety of learning experiences. Working side by side with a diverse team of experienced Animal Care specialists interns will spend their day performing the following tasks:

✔ Diet preparation for species in the collection.
✔ Complete cleaning of animal enclosures as well as cleaning and maintenance tasks of both public and behind the scenes areas.
✔ Interacting and educating guests.
✔ Work alongside mentor to complete an individual project.
✔ Evaluating and distributing species-specific environmental enrichment
✔ Husbandry data collection and record keeping.
✔ Assisting full time staff with training sessions.
✔ Time spent focused on learning key topics including Nutrition, Animal Welfare and Wellness, Population planning, Enrichment and Training programs.
✔ Learning natural history of the species in the collection.
✔ Working hands on with animals is dependent on each intern’s individual skill level, and is under close staff supervision.

Daily Activities and Example Schedule

While there is no 100% “typical” day in the life of an animal caregiver, below is an example of what a daily schedule might look like for an intern at Desert's Edge and Clouded Leopard Rainforest. Note that the intern will participate in daily operational tasks, such as food preparation, cleaning, and maintenance, but will also spend time reading independently, working with their mentor, and observing animal care and training. They may also be asked to do tasks outside the aforementioned duties, on an as-needed basis per departmental needs.

Application Submissions

Completed application packets must arrive no later than the final deadline. Applications that are incomplete or arrive after the final deadline will not be considered.

✔ Current Resume
✔ Professional Cover Letter
✔ College transcript(s) - Official or unofficial copies are accepted.
✔ Two (2) letters of recommendation