Alpaca Plush 14.5"

Alpaca Plush 14.5"

14.5" Plush Alpaca.

This alpaca stands on his own, and has very soft and fuzzy cream colored fur.

Alpacas have a relatively small head with big, pointed ears and large eyes. Their thick wool coat can be one or multiple colors ranging from white to black and brown. They are similar in appearance to llamas, although they are typically much smaller. They have excellent eyesight and often are able to sense an approaching predator long before it is close enough to be a threat. Like other hoofed animals, alpacas are able to swivel their ears in the direction of a sound to help them pinpoint where it is coming from.

Height: 3.4 feet at the shoulder.
Weight: 120 to 155 pounds.
Distribution: Andes Mountains of Southern Peru, northern Bolivia, Ecuador, and northern Chile; domesticated alpacas are distributed worldwide. 
Habitat: Elevations between 11,500 and 16,000 feet; domesticated animals live at lower elevations as well.

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