2017 Press Releases

03/02/17: Introduction Between Polar Bears Going Well at Brookfield Zoo
02/24/17: Zoo Campers and National Inclusion Project
02/18/17: Giraffe Herd at Brookfield Zoo Enjoys Warm Weather
02/14/17: Valentine's Day Brings New Polar Bear to Brookfield Zoo
01/31/17: Brookfield Zoo Offers Valentine's Options for Animal Lovers
01/25/17: Free Admission and Dogsledding Demonstrations at Brookfield Zoo's Annual FREEze Day
01/24/17: Giant Anteater Born at Brookfield Zoo
01/11/17: Chicago Zoological Society to Honor Martin Luther King Jr. with Musical Celebration
01/03/17: 2-Week-Old Bornean Orangutan Infant Makes Public Debut at Brookfield Zoo

2016 Press Releases

12/23/16: Critically Endangered Orangutan Born at Brookfield Zoo
11/23/16: Amur Leopard Cub Makes Public Debut at Brookfield Zoo
11/18/16: Grevy's Zebra Born at Brookfield Zoo
11/16/16: Holiday Magic at Brookfield Zoo
11/08/16: Mexican Wolf Recovery Program Finds Evidence of Cross Fostering Success
11/07/16: Veterans Day Ceremony at Brookfield Zoo
10/28/16: Celebrate National Bison Day at Brookfield Zoo
10/27/16: New Chicago Cub in Town- Amur Leopard Born at Brookfield Zoo
10/24/16: Lecture on Fighting the Good Fight to Save Africa's Iconic Species to be held at Brookfield Zoo
09/23/16: Brookfield Zoo's Annual Boo! at the Zoo Offers Fangtastic Fun for the Whole Family
09/22/16: Chicago Zoological Society and US Fish and Wildlife Service Team Up to Help Save Rhinos
09/19/16: Animals at Brookfield Zoo Continue to Benefit from ComEd Browse Program
09/15/16: Chicago Zoological Society Is Recognized for Conservation Leadership
09/06/16: Hispanic Heritage Month
09/01/16: Red River Hog Piglets Born at Brookfield Zoo
08/29/16: Chicago Zoological Society Saddened by Loss of Oldest Animal Resident at Brookfield Zoo: Cookie Cockatoo
08/25/16: Help Make a Difference at Brookfield Zoo's ZooRunRun for the Conservation Fund
08/19/16: 2016 Calendar of Events (August-December)
08/19/16: Enjoy Lions and Lagers, Anteaters and Ales at ZooBrew
08/16/16: Brookfield Zoo Welcomes 150 Millionth Guest
08/11/16: Fishing Cats Born at Brookfield Zoo Make Their Public Debut
08/04/16: Kids Free Days
07/20/16: Teen Conservation Leadership Conference Hosted by Chicago Zoological Society
07/12/16: Brookfield Zoo Announces Names of Mexican Gray Wolf Puppies
07/11/16: Brookfield Zoo Celebrates 50 Years with Mold-A-Rama®
06/30/16: Brookfield Zoo Is Now Home to the Largest and Most Advanced CT Scanner Within a Zoo Setting
06/27/16: Brookfield Zoo Announces Naming Contest for Mexican Gray Wolf Puppies
06/23/16: Brookfield Zoo Hosts Wounded Warrior Project
06/01/16: Brookfield Zoo's Hamill Family Play Zoo Celebrates 15 Years
05/26/16: Turn Up the Volume this Season at Brookfield Zoo's Summer Nights
05/23/16: Mexican Gray Wolf Puppies Emerge from Den at Brookfield Zoo
05/21/16: Chicago Zoological Society Saddened by Loss of Beloved Orangutan
05/20/16: Brookfield Zoo Introduces Healthy Food Options for Kids
05/13/16: Festival of Flight Soars Again at Brookfield Zoo
05/10/16: Mexican Gray Wolves Born at Brookfield Zoo
04/26/16: International Wildlife Conservation Expo Returns to Brookfield Zoo
04/21/16: Chicago Zoological Society and Teamsters Local 727 Reach Tentative Agreement
04/21/16: International Giraffid Conference to Bring Together Leaders in Giraffe and Okapi Conservation
04/13/16: King Conservation Science Scholars Program Educates Teens, Inspires Conservation
04/06/16: Chicago Zoological Society to Host Annual Whirl Fundraiser
04/01/16: Celebrate Ape Awareness Weekend at Brookfield Zoo
03/31/16: Celebrate Earth Day at Brookfield Zoo's Party for the Planet
03/29/16: Brookfield Zoo's Hamill Family Play Zoo Celebrates 15 Years
03/24/16: Forest Preserves of Cook County, Chicago Zoological Society to study habits of the Illinois badger
03/23/16: Brookfield Zoo Goes Blue for Autism Awareness
03/09/16: Chicago Zoological Society Highlights Career Opportunities for Women and Girls of Color
03/08/16: Giraffes at Brookfield Zoo EnjoyEarly Spring Weather
02/29/16: Lemurs at Brookfield Zoo Join Annual Toast to Harry Caray
02/10/16: February-June Calendar of Events
02/02/16: Celebración de Cesar Chavez
02/02/16: Cesar Chavez Celebration
01/05/16: Gray Seal Born at Brookfield Zoo
01/21/16: FREEze Day: Free Admission, Dog-Sledding Fun at Brookfield Zoo’s Annual Winter Event
01/26/16: Brookfield Zoo Offers Valentine’s Dinner and Brunch


2015 Press Releases

12/31/15: Top 10 Conservation Actions in 2015
11/12/15: River Otter Habits Studied by Forest Preserves of Cook County and CZS
11/10/15: Holiday Magic Features Fun for the Whole Family
11/06/15: Veterans Day at Brookfield Zoo
11/06/15: Chicago Zoological Society’s Volunteer Engagement Program Recognized with National Award
10/28/15: Chicago Zoological Society Saddened by Loss of Popular Giraffe
10/07/15: 4-Month-Old Snow Leopard Cubs Make Public Debut at Brookfield Zoo
09/25/15: Boo! at the Zoo Offers Halloween Fun for Families
09/24/15: Brookfield Zoo Celebra la Herencia Hispana el 26 de septiembre
09/24/15: Brookfield Zoo Celebrates Hispanic Heritage
09/24/15: Gorilla Born at Brookfield Zoo
09/11/15: Chicago Zoological Society to Honor Recipients of Its 2015 Conservation Leadership Awards
09/10/15: Rescued California Sea Lions Get New Lease on Life at Brookfield Zoo
09/08/15: Threatened Ornate Box Turtles Hatch at Chicago Zoos, Prepare for Release
09/02/15: ZooRunRun for the Conservation Fund
09/01/15: 2015 Photo Contest
08/28/15: Snow Leopard Cubs Born at Brookfield Zoo
08/06/15: Brookfield Zoo Announces Names of Mexican Gray Wolf Puppies
08/06/15: Kids' Free Days at Brookfield Zoo
07/23/15: Naming Contest for Mexican Gray Wolf Puppies
07/16/15: Brookfield Zoo Celebrate 25 Years of Americans with Disabilities Act
07/09/15: Grevy's Zebra Born at Brookfield Zoo
06/30/15: Mexican Gray Wolves Born at Brookfield Zoo
06/19/15: Giant Anteater Born at Brookfield Zoo
05/21/15: School Bus Accident (Updated)
05/19/15: Okapi Calf Born at Brookfield Zoo
05/18/15: Chill Out with live Entertainment, Food, and Family Fun at Brookfield Zoo's Summer Nights
05/15/15: Shedd Aquarium, Lincoln Park Zoo, Brookfield Zoo Mobilize To End Extinction of World's Most Vulnerable Species
05/08/15: Forest Preserves of Cook County, Veterinarians from Brookfield Zoo Surgically Implant Fish with Transmitters
04/23/15: Chicago Zoological Society Inspires National Holiday: Start Seeing Monarchs Day"
04/22/15: Fly High with Excitement at Brookfield Zoo's Festival of Flight
04/14/15: Celebrate Earth Day at Brookfield Zoo's Party for the Planet on April 19
04/03/15: Swing over to Brookfield Zoo for Ape Awareness Weekend, April 11-12
04/01/15: Young Orangutan at Brookfield Zoo Makes Public Debut with Surrogate Mom
03/20/15: Chicago Zoological Society's Whirl Fundraiser to Support Animals, Conservation, and Education Programs
03/16/15: Grizzly Bears at Brookfield Zoo Celebrate 20th Birthday
03/03/15: Brookfield Zoo's 2015 Calendar of Events (March to June)
02/24/15: National Inclusion Project and the Chicago Zoological Society Become Let's All Play Partners
02/20/15: Chicago Zoological Society to Celebrate Cesar Chavez with Launch of Art Contest in his Honor
02/20/15: Chicago Zoological Society celebra a Cesar Chavez con lanzamiento de concurso de arte en su honor
02/04/15: Fishing Cat Born at Brookfield Zoo
01/27/15: Brookfield Zoo's FREEze Day Offers Free Admission and Dog-Sledding Fun
01/14/15: Chicago Zoological Society to Honor Martin Luther King Jr.

2014 Press Releases

10/22/14: Dolphin Calves Celebrate First Birthdays at Brookfield Zoo
09/18/14: Chicago Zoological Society Announces Recipients of 2014 Conservation Leadership Awards
09/16/14: Brookfield Zoo's 2014 Fall/Winter Calendar of Events
09/12/14: Brookfield Zoo Hosting Annual Boo! at the Zoo Halloween Celebration
09/11/14: Chicago Zoological Society Now Accepting Submissions for 2014 Photo Contest
08/29/14: Chicago Zoological Society's Sarasota Dolphin Research Program Spearheads Rescue of Dolphin Calf in the Wild
08/29/14: Do the Zoo Run Run at Brookfield Zoo
08/25/14: Endangered Mexican Gray Wolf from Brookfield Zoo is Released into the Wild
08/07/14: Chicago Zoological Society Helps Raise Awareness About Elephant Crisis
07/21/14: Brookfield Zoo Orangutan Serves as Surrogate for 6-month-old Orangutan
07/16/14: ZooBrew at Brookfield Zoo to Feature More Than 60 Craft Beers
06/26/14: Chicago Zoological Society Announces Richard G. Gamble as Senior Vice President of Operations
06/25/14: White-Cheeked Gibbon Born at Brookfield Zoo
06/13/14: Enjoy Hot Music and Cool Evenings at Brookfield Zoo’s Summer Nights
06/12/14: Bison Calves Born at Brookfield Zoo
06/11/14: Celebrate the First-Ever World Giraffe Day at Brookfield Zoo!
05/14/14: Pace Launches Express Bus Service to Brookfield Zoo
05/20/14: Top Chicago Cultural Organizations Join Fight to Stop African Elephant Slaughter
05/19/14: ¡Viva la Fiesta! Returns to Brookfield Zoo
05/19/14: ¡Viva la Fiesta! Regresa a Brookfield Zoo
05/09/14: Brookfield Zoo Highlights Extraordinary Animal Moms for Mother’s Day
05/07/14: Brookfield Zoo’s Calendar of Events (June through September 2014)
04/09/14: Brookfield Zoo Goes Blue for Autism Awareness
04/08/14: Brookfield Zoo Celebrates Earth Day with Party for the Planet
04/02/14: Chicago Zoological Society Helps Increase Humboldt Penguin Numbers in Zoos
03/17/14: Spaghetti Dinner at Brookfield Zoo to Support The Vital Ground Foundation
03/03/14: Chicago Zoological Society to Sponsor “Speak Through Art” Contest to Honor Late Latino Activist Cesar E. Chavez
03/04/14: Brookfield Zoo’s 4-Month-Old Gorilla Has a Name with Honor
02/18/14: Brookfield Zoo Asking Public to Help Name 4-Month-Old Gorilla Baby
01/30/14: Dolphin Presentations to Resume at Brookfield Zoo
01/29/14: FREEze Day at Brookfield Zoo
01/23/14: Brookfield Zoo’s 2014 Winter-Spring Calendar of Events
01/16/14: Valentine’s Dinner and Brunch Offered at Brookfield Zoo
01/13/14: Chicago Zoological Society to Honor Martin Luther King Jr. with Choral Celebration
01/03/14: Grey Seal Born at Brookfield Zoo






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