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Why do Chicagoans Need an Ocean

Not a whole lot of people in Chicagoland think about the ocean, unless they are planning to visit it on vacation. Up here, we’re all about the freshwater – Lake Michigan to be specific. But we freshwater folk should be thinking about the ocean more often, and not just because it’s World Oceans Month!

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Dad-Game on Point!

Not all animal fathers partake in parental care.  But some animal dads are rock stars when it comes to nurturing offspring to adulthood.  Here are some dynamite dads can you visit this Father’s Day right here at Brookfield Zoo!

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Sustainable Seafood Means Survivable Sea Life

When it comes to wild-caught seafood, sustainable means that the fishing practices used to catch fish don’t hurt the long-term survival of the species as a whole. Those practices also minimize harm to the ecosystem as a whole.  That means fewer other marine animals are harmed during the fishing process. It also it leaves enough fish in the sea for other animals and for the future.

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Tend a Garden for Mom and Mother Earth

Today’s blog isn’t just a reminder to get a card and some flowers for your mom, it’s also a reminder to start planning your garden! You see, the rule of thumb is that Mother’s Day or later is the best time to plant your garden – especially in Chicagoland. The rule is centered around spring’s last frost, and while other climates in the United States might have their last frost earlier in the year, in Illinois it is relatively safe to assume frosty nights are done for by Mother’s Day.

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Weird Science

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  Humans are weird.  They want to know about weird things.  

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