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Animal Hospital Update: Addax Check-Up

Addax check up by CZS Veterinary team

Did you know that every new animal that comes to Brookfield Zoo receives a thorough “check-up” by our veterinary staff?  Additionally, each animal spends a few weeks at the zoo’s animal hospital to ensure they are in good health and adjusting well to their home before they move to their habitat area.  This is just one component of the zoo’s Preventative Medicine Program, which takes a proactive approach to catching small concerns in our animals before they have the opportunity to become a more serious medical concern.  It’s all part of our efforts to provide the best in animal care.

“Umbrella” addax arrived at Brookfield Zoo earlier this month from the Saint Louis Zoo. Today, together with Dr. Johnson, our second year veterinary resident, and Michelle, one of our skilled veterinary technicians, I sedated Umbrella to perform a full exam.  Once under anesthesia, the exam is very similar to what a person would experience during their annual check-up with their doctor: We look at her eyes, ears, nose, and throat; palpate her joints and abdomen; evaluate the condition of her teeth; and listen to her heart and lungs. We also check her hoof wear and confirmation (okay, maybe that last one is a little different from what your doctor would do with you!). We also collect a blood sample for a full panel of tests to evaluate overall health.

Addax check up by the CZS Veterinary team
I’m happy to report that Umbrella is in great health and will soon be heading out of the hospital to meet the rest of our addax herd!

- Dr. Mike Adkesson, Vice President, Clinical Medicine

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