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Maxine Dolphin Exploring Her Habitat

Maxine Dolphin at Brookfield Zoo

Plan your next visit to see Maxine, our female dolphin calf born on Dec 16, 2014, to Allie (28). The calf has been very busy getting used to her surroundings, moving back and forth through all of the dolphin habitat, as well as meeting all of the other dolphins in our Seven Seas group. The group includes: Tapeko (33) and her one-year-old son, Merlin; Noelani (11) and Allison (9), both Tapeko’s daughters; and Spree (12) and her one-year-old son Magic.

Starting today (June 29), Maxine can be seen at Underwater Viewing at Seven Seas coming and going in the main dolphin habitat. She has achieved many milestones in the past several months and is now developing trusting relationships with many of the Marine Mammal Care Specialists. While still nursing from her mother, she is now consuming small pieces of fish. She will also begin making brief appearances in our Dolphins In Action program.

Maxine and Merlin, young bottlenose dolphins at Brookfield Zoo

Posted: 6/29/2015 3:49:14 PM by Steve Pine

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