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Red Pandas Get a Check-Up

Red Panda at Brookfield Zoo

Everyone here at the Chicago Zoological Society (CZS) is very excited about the upcoming opening of Brookfield Zoo’s new Hamill Family Wild Encounters exhibit on July 1st.  Behind the scenes our veterinary and animal care staff have been busy preparing for the opening for several months.  Once the construction process ended, our staff began acclimating the animals to their new homes. 
Recently, two young red pandas arrived at CZS from another zoo and have been settling into their Wild Encounters home.  As with any new animal arriving to the zoo, both pandas received a full veterinary examination to ensure they are in good health.  The exams also represent a great opportunity for us to collect baseline parameters on animals that facilitate health monitoring over time.  When assessing changes in bloodwork, x-rays, or ultrasound, it’s always extremely useful for a clinician to have a reference point on an individual animal when it was healthy.  It’s much the same reason your own doctor takes your blood pressure every time you visit the office and checks your cholesterol each year.

A red panda gets a check up at Brookfield Zoo

Veterinary team at Brookfield Zoo examines a red panda

These wellness examinations also provide an opportunity for our veterinary students to become familiar with many different species of animals. One of our current veterinary students (in green shirt) played a big role in evaluating the pandas, gaining valuable knowledge for her future veterinary career. CZS has one of the best veterinary education programs in the country with senior year veterinary students scheduled sometimes years in advance for the opportunity to spend time learning zoological medicine from our staff. It’s part of our commitment here at CZS to creating conservation leaders at all levels.
Be sure to join us this July to experience Wild Encounters and see our red pandas in their new home!
Dr. Mike Adkesson
Vice President, Clinical Medicine

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