Sustainable Seafood Means Survivable Sea Life

When it comes to wild-caught seafood, sustainable means that the fishing practices used to catch fish don’t hurt the long-term survival of the species as a whole. Those practices also minimize harm to the ecosystem as a whole.  That means fewer other marine animals are harmed during the fishing process. It also it leaves enough fish in the sea for other animals and for the future.

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World Class Training Opportunities in Zoological Medicine

Over the past 20 years Chicago Zoological Society/Brookfield Zoo (CZS) has provided training opportunities for more than 220 veterinary students in the field of Zoological and Aquatic Animal Medicine. These students spend 6-8 week externships working side by side with our outstanding veterinary team helping care for the zoo’s animals collection comprised of over 250 different species.

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What's the Big Difference?

It’s May in Chicago so, we have already witnessed three different seasons this month. It has been cold enough to feel like winter, rainy enough to be spring, and hot enough for me to research when summer will actually begin. 

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Dolphin Update: Maxine

And last but not least, for our young dolphin updates: it’s the youngest of the dolphin calves…Maxine! She is coming up on 2 ½ years old already; she was born to Allie on Dec 16, 2014. She has grown to about six feet in length, weighs close to 250 pounds, and is still recognizable as the smallest of the dolphin group.

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River Otter Pups Make Their Public Debut

Two North American river otters, who were born on February 23 at Brookfield Zoo, made their public debut in The Swamp habitat. Since their birth, the pups have been behind the scenes bonding with their mom and learning how to swim. While they are getting acclimated to their new environment, guests can usually see them in the mornings.

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Dolphin Update: Magic

Rita Stacey, Curator of Marine Mammals shares an update on Magic who was hand-reared by animal care staff right here at Brookfield Zoo.

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Cross-Foster Recovery Program - Mexican Gray Wolf Pups

Since 2003, the Chicago Zoological Society (CZS), which manages Brookfield Zoo, has been a partner in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s (USFWS) Mexican Gray Wolf Recovery Program.  With the birth of the most recent litter of Mexican gray wolves to parents Zana and Flint on April 22, CZS had the opportunity for the second consecutive year to foster pups from Brookfield Zoo to a litter in the wild. Three CZS staff members--Associate Veterinarian Copper Aitken-Palmer, Lead Keeper Lauren Gallucci and Senior Keeper Racquel Ardisana-- escorted the pups on their journey to join the San Mateo wolf pack in New Mexico. Below, Lauren and Racquel recount their whirlwind thirty-two hour adventure.

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Tend a Garden for Mom and Mother Earth

Today’s blog isn’t just a reminder to get a card and some flowers for your mom, it’s also a reminder to start planning your garden! You see, the rule of thumb is that Mother’s Day or later is the best time to plant your garden – especially in Chicagoland. The rule is centered around spring’s last frost, and while other climates in the United States might have their last frost earlier in the year, in Illinois it is relatively safe to assume frosty nights are done for by Mother’s Day.

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Dolphin Update: Merlin

Rita Stacey, Curator of Marine Mammals shares an update on Meriln, a dolphin born at Brookfield Zoo almost four years ago to Tapeko. Merlin has grown to over 7 feet in length and has gained almost 300 pounds over the course of the last few years.

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Enriching Animal Lives

Providing enrichment to our animals is an excellent way to provide opportunities for them to engage in species-typical behavior, such as foraging or exploring. Enrichment at Brookfield zoo goes above and beyond exhibit design, in which we offer an environment with horizontal and vertical dimensions to enhance space use; live plants for shade, barriers, and perching; natural substrates for burrowing, and so on.

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