Resolve to Keep a Resolution

If you’re anything like me you’ve already abandoned all of the life changing resolutions you promised to keep just a few days ago.  I want to make personal changes or changes in the world around me, but I get overwhelmed.  This year I have chosen resolutions that are completely achievable for me and for you.  

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Tracking Black Rhino Reproduction Using Hormone Monitoring

Brookfield Zoo is home to two black rhinos, a male, Nakili, and a female, Layla. They are deemed breeding partners and are slowly being introduced to each other in the hopes of a successful pregnancy in the near future. Through this,  I get to help monitor Layla's progress. 

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Remarkable Results for your New Year's Resolution

I'm keeping my New Year's Resolution blog tradition going. This year, I’d like to give you tips on how to keep that New Year’s Resolution and achieve your goal!

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Update: Mexican Wolf Recovery Program

In an update released by the Arizona Game and Fish Department, one of the partners in the Mexican Wolf Recovery Program, two young adult Mexican gray wolves were observed and positively identified as the offspring of Ernesta. Ernesta was the female Mexican gray wolf that resided at Brookfield Zoo from 2010 - 2012 and was released to the wild in 2014 as part of the recovery program. Sadly, Ernesta's remains were found in January 2015, but as you can see from the below release, she has contributed greatly to the program as her legacy lives on with her pups. We are extremely proud to be a partner in the recovery program and to be able to contribute to this important conservation effort for the Mexican wolf population.

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All I Want for Christmas is a Fight Against Climate Change

This year, my hope for peace and goodwill comes in the form of a plea to strengthen the fight against climate change.  

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New Year, New Goals

This season is both a time to reflect on the progress we have made in spreading cheer to all of our animals and to inspire creativity and new ideas for improving animal welfare over the upcoming year. As the most recent addition to the Animal Welfare Team, one of my goals for 2017 is to develop new ways to assess how any changes made to an animal’s care plan or training impacts their welfare.

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Advanced Inquiry Program

Study at Brookfield Zoo while earning your Master’s Degree from Miami University in Ohio! The Chicago Zoological Society and Project Dragonfly at Miami University in Ohio partner to bring this exciting program to Chicagoland. The Advanced Inquiry Program (AIP) is focused on conservation and ecological stewardship. 

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Gifts for Animal Lovers

You’re probably pondering what to get those animal lovers on your giftlist for a holiday gift.  Well, have no fear, Carlita the Croc is here with her list of Gift Ideas for Animal Lovers!

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Five things I am Thankful For

Remember when you were in grade school and every November you had to do an assignment on what you are thankful for? Here's my list of things I'm thankful for this year.

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Mexican Wolf Recovery Program Finds Evidence of Cross-Fostering Success

The collaboration between the Chicago Zoological Society and several other organizations is proving that cross-fostering pups can be done successfully.

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