Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Do you ever daydream what it would be like to date your secret crush? Well today, I’m fantasizing about ending our relationship with fossil fues once and for all. It would go something like this…

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Water Quality Takes a Team

Here’s a little known fact: August is National Water Quality month. Another little known fact: Brookfield Zoo has an entire team of water quality specialists monitoring all of the water our animal residents come in contact with. It makes sense if you think about it. How in the world do we replicate an animal’s natural environment when we are thousands of miles from their native stomping grounds? The answer is simple: expertly.

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Bird's Eye Fish Report

Hi humans! My name is Peter the Pelican, and Carlita invited me on here as a guest blogger to give you the low-down on seafood from my bird’s eye view.

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Veternary Technicians Off-Site Conservation

Punta San Juan, Peru, is the center of a collaborative field program in which Chicago Zoological Society has been involved for over 10 years. This conservation program focuses on endangered and vulnerable species of marine wildlife such as Humboldt penguins, Peruvian fur seals, South American sea lions, and several species of seabirds on the 150 acres of unique landscape.

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Plastics Pause

Did you know this month is International Plastic Free July? Grab and go and single use items have become common products to use during the hustle and bustle of daily life. Beauty scrubs may contain microscopic plastic beads, straws come with every drink, and lots of us get our water from a plastic bottle.

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California Sea Lion Pups Make Public Debut at Brookfield Zoo

Guests visiting Brookfield Zoo’s Pinniped Point can now see two 1½-month old California sea lion pups. Until recently, the male and female pups have been behind the scenes learning to swim and bonding with their moms, Arie and Josephine. The two inquisitive pups spend the majority of their time outdoors, but will continue to have access to their indoor area while they get acclimated.

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Endocrinology indicators

Molly shares some facts about an important indicator on animal welfare: Immunoglobulin A. 

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Community Partners

Everyone knows that Brookfield Zoo is situated in the middle of two beautiful communities: Brookfield and Riverside, Illinois.  We are dedicated to working with the surrounding communities as educators, horticulturists, and artists to foster a greater appreciation for nature, literacy, and conservation initiatives.  

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Bison Basics: How You Can Help

It’s travel season and many people are coming to visit the bison at National Parks across America, so I thought I would share a few reminders so we can all stay A-OK.

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Beyond the Beach

Some of the most important work we do for the animals and environment of the Punta San Juan reserve may not be seen by visitors and volunteers, but it is essential to protecting the habitat and its inhabitants. 

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