Beat the Bustle

Conquer the crowds! Thwart the throngs! Summer season is back at Brookfield Zoo! I also know what a damper on your day it can be when you encounter unexpected crowds.  So to help you prepare, I’ve compiled a list of suggestions to help you maneuver through the masses with peace of mind. 

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Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises Oh, My!

Since March is Dolphin Awareness Month, I thought it would be a great idea to answer a question I get asked hundreds of times a year, “What is the difference between a dolphin, whale, and porpoise?” 

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Room to Roam

Dr. Lance Miller addresses a frequent topic of visitor concern, "are the zoo exhibits large enough" for certain animals. Here's the latest science we have to understand that question.

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Diving Into the Unknown

Recently, they collaborated on a project with research organizations Dolphin Quest, Inc. and L'Oceanografic to learn more about the lung function, dive and movement patters, and foraging of bottlenose dolphins- the same species SDRP follows in Florida- off the coast of Bermuda.

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All the Right Moves- What It Takes to Transfer Animals Among Zoos

In 2016, more than 4,000 animals transferred to or from Brookfield Zoo. Each of these animal moves—from the tiniest dart poison frog to a 600-pound tiger—is based on careful strategy and involves meticulous preparation and planning.

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Breeding Success

Dr. Copper Aitken-Palmer jokes that she has a success rate of more than 100% in helping giant pandas become pregnant through artifical insemination because her efforts have resulted in pregnancies every time- and twins every time.

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Prepare for Spring AND Keep Water Clean

Humans don’t just spend time inside of their homes.  A considerable amount of time is spend in the surrounding area just outside their homes, so water conservation should carry over there, too – especially during spring cleaning season!  Let’s find out how!

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Two New Chicago Cubs

They look like a mashup of some of your favorite animals: a bear and a cat with a hint of monkey. Their name is fun to say. And they smell like popcorn! What's not to love about binturongs?

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Work Together for Clean Water

Water is kind of a big deal for Carlita. So this month, she dives back into the conversation on water conservation.

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Meet the Team

Meet the team: a combination of incredible staff and volunteers who help protect the natural habitat of the Humboldt penguin and enbles us to learn about this amazing ecosystem.

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