Painted Dogs: Day in the Life

This is Ola, Chewbacca, Lulu, and Voltron; together they make up Brookfield Zoo’s African painted dog pack. Let’s look into a #dayinthelife of these highly social, sub-Saharan canids.

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Extraordinary Care: Meet Dr. Marina Ivančić

Join us this week for part two of our Q&A With Caregivers series. Today we meet Dr. Marina Ivančić, the world's first and only zoo-based veterinary radiologist. 

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Q&A Meet Dr. Copper Aitken-Palmer

Join us as we get to know about two experts who provide exceptional welfare in this two part blog series. This week is Dr. Copper Aitken-Palmer,  who, in addition to her doctor of veterinary medicine degree, has also earned a Ph.D. in animal sciences and is a specialized expert in reproductive sciences. 

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Hunting Gold Mines

Today’s blog is guest written by my friend, Tomás who is a sea turtle. He is here to tell us about a type of sustainable seafood that may be new to you! Take it away, Tomás..

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Penguin Molt: Birds of a Feather

All penguin species, including our Humboldt penguins here at Brookfield Zoo, go through a complete molt once per year. This means that they lose all the feathers on their body and grow in new ones. 

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Nature’s Kidneys

If the ocean is the heart of climate, then wetlands are the kidneys of water. The kidneys are responsible for filtering waste and extra fluid from the bloodstream, as well as regulating electrolytes and making hormones...

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False Pregnancy Phenomenon

False Pregnancies: How do we deal with species who experience this phenomenon? Endocrinology Lab Manager Jocelyn Bryant describes one of the most challenging aspects is diagnosing pregnancies in some of our animals with absolute certainty!

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International Red Panda Day

Hi! I’m Adalina and I care for Beatrix the red panda in Hamill Family Wild Encounters. Today is International Red Panda Day, an important day for red panda education and conservation.

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Check out this comPOST

Each summer the Interpretive Program Team at Brookfield Zoo has the pleasure of working with college students who intern in our program. This year the interns were asked to write a blog entry about an environmental topic close to them. This entry was written by Maryam Mohamed. 

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An Animal's Neighborhood

Have you ever had an obnoxiously loud neighbor? Do you live near family members? Have you ever become close friends with your next-door neighbor? Brookfield Zoo's animals often find themselves in the same situations as humans do when it comes to housing.

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