Meet John Kanzia- Environmental Quality Manager

A fascination with sharks that started in second grade brought John Kanzia to Brookfield Zoo where he operates on e of the most comprehensive Environmental Quality programs in the country. 

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New Polar Bear "Nan" at Brookfield Zoo

This Valentine’s Day, Chicago Zoological Society (CZS) staff are anticipating a love connection in the near future as they welcome Nan, a female polar bear and hopeful breeding partner to Hudson, a male polar bear who was born at Brookfield Zoo in 2006.

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Natural Relaxation

Suffering from the winter blues? Jamie has some tips on how to perk up. Hint: it's as easy as going outside!

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Chimpanzee WelfareTrak® Update

Katie provides an update on how WelfareTrak® and shows us how it's being used to ensure each chimpanzee is getting the care they need. 

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Where is the love? At Brookfield Zoo!

Valentine’s Day is coming up and we all have love on the mind!  Although people’s thoughts are usually towards the romantic kind of love, there are actually many versions of love.  

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Welcome to Punta San Juan Conservation and Education Program

Protecting and conserving Punta San Juan’s coast line, birds, reptiles, and mammals can’t be done alone.  Meet the team and learn about how they're helping the local wildlife

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Meet Dr. Balko - Veterinary Fellow

Did you know there are veterinarians who specialize in anesthesiology?  Not only does the Chicago Zoological Society have a highly skilled team of veterinarians with advanced training in zoo animals and wildlife, but we are also fortunate to have two veterinarians on our team with advanced training specifically in anesthesiology.

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Gary Groundhog on Climate Change

Carlita's friend, Gary Groundhog is a weather know-it-all.  Punxsutawney Phil may give you a forecast on February 2nd, but he can give the full story. 

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Resolve to Keep a Resolution

If you’re anything like me you’ve already abandoned all of the life changing resolutions you promised to keep just a few days ago.  I want to make personal changes or changes in the world around me, but I get overwhelmed.  This year I have chosen resolutions that are completely achievable for me and for you.  

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Tracking Black Rhino Reproduction Using Hormone Monitoring

Brookfield Zoo is home to two black rhinos, a male, Nakili, and a female, Layla. They are deemed breeding partners and are slowly being introduced to each other in the hopes of a successful pregnancy in the near future. Through this,  I get to help monitor Layla's progress. 

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