Snow Leopard Cubs Make Debut

Now is the time to venture out to Brookfield Zoo and see Malaya and Daania, 4-month-old snow leopard cubs who made their public debut recently in their outdoor habitat. The two sisters have been behind the scenes bonding with their 4-year-old mom, Sarani, since their birth on June 16, 2015. This litter is the second for the zoo’s adult snow leopard pair. Sarani and her 5-year-old mate, Sabu, arrived at Brookfield Zoo in October 2011. Sarani and Sabu’s last cub, Everest, was born at Brookfield Zoo in 2013 and now resides at Lincoln Children’s Zoo in Lincoln, Nebraska.

posted 10/21/2015 2:51:48 PM |

Endangered Mexican Gray Wolves Born at Brookfield Zoo

The Chicago Zoological Society is excited to announce the birth of a litter of Mexican gray wolves, who recently emerged from a den site at Brookfield Zoo’s Regenstein Wolf Woods habitat. Born in late May to first-time mother Zana, 3, and first-time father Flint, 5, the puppies are now becoming more active and visible. Guests have a chance to view them along with their parents playing and exploring their nearly two-acre outdoor environment.

posted 7/1/2015 12:06:52 PM |