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Binturong? Bintur-oh-so-right!

Binturong at Brookfield Zoo

This week’s blog is coming to us from Fragile Kingdom zookeeper, Tina Vega, and her love of an underappreciated little mammal at Brookfield Zoo.  Take it away, Tina!

One of the highlights of the Fragile Rainforest this summer is our growing family of Binturongs (Arctictis binturong)!  A binturong is a medium-sized carnivore that roams the dense vegetation of the South East Asian rainforest looking for fruits, insect, birds and rodents. Most people have never heard of a binturong before, let alone seen one, but perhaps if you have visited our building before you have smelled one! Their unique characteristics include smelling like popcorn, a prehensile tail for balance and support, and the ability to rotate their hind legs backwards as they sprint down from the tree tops. They are beautiful animals that you won’t soon forget.

We have an amazing family group for you to come see including: Vivvyy, her mate Anton, their eldest son Lemuel born in September 2014, and just this spring the family welcomed a new set of twin cubs! The family is most active in early morning and late afternoon, walking and climbing about the enclosure. They love to eat fruit and lay in the tree limbs balanced on their bellies, with their chin resting and their feet dangling down. Their coats are black with white/gray highlighted tips and the exhibit is dimly lit to match the rainforest canopy, so make sure to take a moment to find one.

Ok, who doesn’t thinks that baby animals are the most adorable things ever? The kids all get a long really well, with big brother Lemuel rolling on his back and letting the cubs jump on him. Mom and dad can often be seen engaging in play behavior as well as they are walking about.

Connecting people with wildlife and nature is important to the Brookfield Zoo and at the Fragile Rainforest you can discover the important role rainforests play in our daily lives, as well as discover amazing new animals. So don’t forget to stop by and visit Brookfield’s brood of Binturongs on your next visit! Connect with these amazing creatures, one visit at a time.

-Tina Vega, Senior Keeper

Posted: 8/7/2015 4:09:47 PM by Steve Pine

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