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Hot Topic, Cold Shoulder

Let’s get serious for a minute here, folks.
Many informal learning institutions, such as zoos, aquariums, national parks, and museums, are embracing climate change public education.  Research from Yale and Climate Literacy Zoo Education Network (CliZEN) tells us that guests to informal learning institutions, especially zoos and aquariums, are thinking about climate change, concerned about it, and want to know what to do next. 
However, a little bird told me that some informal educators she knows feel that engaging guests in conversations about climate change is a Sisyphean task, effortful yet futile.  Eyeballs glaze over when the subject is brought up.

Potoka Giraffe

So to you, reader, I inquire, when you go to a zoo, museum, aquarium, national park, etc., how do you feel when the topic of climate change is brought up?  Do you want to talk about it?  Why or why not?  Who should talk about climate change and when should they do it? Share your thoughts in the comments below.
And now back to our regularly scheduled light-heartedness…

Nora Gorilla

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