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The Resort That Never Closes

To me, zoos sound a lot like your human resorts:  top quality food, cushy digs, lots of entertainment (or, “enrichment” as they call it), singles-mixers, hospitality staff (aka zookeepers), even in-house health care.  They’re like resorts that never, ever close.  Not even during a blizzard!

I know this because it has been all over the news.  The zookeepers at the zoos on the east coast spent the night and slept on cots to serve the animals staying at their zoo-resort during the blizzard.  They prepared extra food, gave the animals extra bedding…basically stuck around so that those animals can continue living in the lap of luxury during the storm. 
Hmph…must be nice.  (I’m not bitter.)

Blizzard 2015
Zoo staff hard at work

Max Amur Tiger
So animals can plaaaaay!

Next time there’s extreme weather in your area, check to see how your local animal resort is still serving those animals.  In the meantime, check out what some east coast zoos did: How Animals Survive a Blizzard

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