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The Candid Croc

What does a lady croc ponder while soaking in the therapeutic and healing wetland waters, waiting for her next meal to float by?
Hello.  Welcome to the Candid Croc’s blog.  I am the Croc and, as you can guess, I will be delivering candid accounts on various topics, articles, news, and stories in conservation.
So, a little about me:  I am a lady crocodile.  I enjoy water, fresh meat, sunbathing, and smiling. I also enjoy intellectual discourse about the environment, nature, animals, energy, climate, and all things related to conservation.  But above all, like most of us, I love a good meme or silly video about awesome animals.  If ya got one, send it my way.
However, being a crocodile, I’m not very good at making conversation…in person (what with lack of vocal cords, lips, etc.).  So, I’d also like to use this blog as a forum to talk about the aforementioned topics; get an idea of how you all feel and what you think about conservation today.  How are you getting involved with, staying away from, or changing the game?
So, readers, come for the laughs, stay for the conversation.
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Carlita the Croc

I'm Carlita the Croc, here to deliver my candid views on various topics, articles, news, and stories in conservation. For the latest news follow me on Twitter, for striking photos follow me on Instagram.


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