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Playtime for Animals

Playing is for the light-hearted, and new research featured in National Geographic shows that animals like crocodiles engage in play behaviors.

Duh, I coulda told you that.


See?  Crocs know how to have a good time!

Actually, considering most crocodiles don’t talk, it is a pretty interesting revelation for those who assumed exothermic (cold-blooded) animals don’t engage in many activities outside of vital survival skills (hunting, foraging, or resting) such as play.  Of course, according to the article, those who work with crocodilians, like researchers and animal caretakers, already knew that they play.  It just wasn’t formally documented. 

African Painted Dogs playing

The jury is still out on why exactly animals play, but it sure is fun to watch!  In fact, as one of the prime spots to watch animals, zoos and aquariums are contributing to research that helps us understand more about the wide spectrum of animal behaviors.  You can do your own observations when you visit a zoo or aquarium by spending time watching your favorite animal.  I have always found that the longer I watch you humans, the more interesting behaviors I see…

Until then, here are some videos of animals playing:


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