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To rescue, or not to rescue

MagpieHave you ever rescued a wild animal?  A family in Australia found a Magpie chick, named it “Penguin,” and raised it to adulthood. In case you aren’t sure what a magpie is, it’s a type of bird from the Corvidae family, related to crows and ravens. They’re wicked smart and wicked cool.  Now, “Penguin” seems to spend part of her time as a wild bird, and part of her time as a member of a human family. 

I try to rescue animals all the time when they fall into the water.  I’m happy to give them a ride back to shore – in my mouth.  Unfortunately, due to reasons totally beyond my control, sometimes they don’t make it…

Seriously though, here in Chicago, springtime is full of little birdies who need help.  Except, sometimes they don’t. If you find a bird that looks like it needs assistance, here is a handy little guide from Bird and Moon to help you determine if it needs help. 

Share your story of animal rescue (and release!) in the comments!

And for your viewing pleasure, here are pictures of animals that have been rescued and now live at Brookfield Zoo since they couldn’t be released back into the wild, and some animals that have been hand-reared at Brookfield Zoo!


Hand-reared animals at Brookfield Zoo
Left to right: Magic Dolphin, Black-footed cat, Pepe Penguin


Rescued animals at Brookfield Zoo
Left to right: Jim and Axhi Grizzlies, Pelicans, American Kestrel

Rescued birds at Brookfield Zoo
Left to right: Harris Hawk, Red-Tailed Hawk, Screech Owl, Great-Horned Owl

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