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Sea lion pups, part deux

A little over a month ago, I reported on the sea lion strandings along the coast of California.

sea lion at brookfield zoo

I need a hero!
Two heroic animal care professionals from Brookfield Zoo went to California to help with the efforts.  Mark and Mairim each spent about a week helping to rescue and rehabilitate sea lion pups.  They tell me it was a whirlwind experience!  I have so many questions for them, such as:  How many did you save?  Do you play the “Born Free” theme song when you rerelease them?  What is the ideal number of pups to hold for a productive cuddle session?  

But, I don’t want to keep all the fun to myself, so this week I am asking you, readers, to submit questions for Mairim and Mark!  This is your chance to ask the professionals themselves about what is going on in California and how humans are helping.  Check back in a few weeks for their responses to your questions and to hear first-hand accounts of conservation in action.  They also promised to share pictures with us!  Woohoo!

I’ll get us started:
What does a day in the life of a sea lion rescuer look like?

Submit your questions in the comment section below!

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