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7 Reasons You Wish You Were a Monarch Butterfly

Back in May, we were all encouraged to Start Seeing Monarch.  I have taken heed and learned a lot.  Namely, that Monarchs are way more awesome than I previously realized.  So, to honor them, here is a little list I made:

posted 11/4/2015 11:38:45 AM

Chicago…where does your garden grow?

I’m more of a meat and meat kind of girl…but I hear you hippies, I mean humans, like your veggies. To each her own, I say, and to prove that, I want to tell you about community gardens. It seems the backyard/local/community gardening is becoming more en vogue these days.  But, some people want to make it more than fashionable, they want to create a tool to make community gardens more accessible for all.  That’s pretty nice of them.

posted 11/5/2015 4:48:36 PM