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7 Reasons You Wish You Were a Monarch Butterfly

Back in May, we were all encouraged to Start Seeing Monarch.  I have taken heed and learned a lot.  Namely, that Monarchs are way more awesome than I previously realized.  So, to honor them, here is a little list I made:

  1. No parents hovering over you.

    Monarchs lay eggs and then leave them to hatch and grow without any parental care.

    Egg laying monarch
    Good luck, kid.

  2. You can forget about a “balanced diet.”  Gorge yourself on your favorite food all day, err’day.
    Caterpillars eat only milkweed.


    I’m gonna eat my way off this leaf.


  3. You’ll spend the first third of your life eating as much as your favorite food as you can, getting as fat as possible.

    Monarch caterpillars eat and molt constantly for the first week or two of life.

    Om nom nom

  4. Sleep for the next third of your life.

    In order to metamorphose, caterpillars must pupate, and remain seemingly dormant for another week or two. 
    Under construction

  5. Emerge from your food coma as one of the world’s most beautiful creatures.

    After 10-14 days, a beautiful Monarch butterfly emerges from the pupa.

    B-fly game on fleek

  6. You’ll vacation in Mexico.

    Monarchs from the Midwest migrate to Mexico for the winter season.

    Except you’d have wings instead of a paraglide

  7. You can fly – duh!

    As you can see, monarch’s life is enviable.  But, you’re not their only admirers.  Queen butterflies are legit wannabes…they even mimic the monarch’s color patterns!

    Love your outfit!

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