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Chicago…where does your garden grow?

Eden Place

Chicago…where does your garden grow? I’m more of a meat and meat kind of girl…but I hear you hippies, I mean humans, like your veggies. To each her own, I say, and to prove that, I want to tell you about community gardens. 

It seems the backyard/local/community gardening is becoming more en vogue these days.  But, some people want to make it more than fashionable, they want to create a tool to make community gardens more accessible for all.  That’s pretty nice of them. 

This article from onEarth talks about Chicago’s “no-so-secret gardens” and says that the victory gardens of World War II produced up to 40% of the nation’s fruits and vegetables. The author, Susan Cosier, thinks you can do better.  I think she’s right.  Imagine how much more economical locally sourced produce would be!  It would cut costs on processing, packaging and shipping if you could go to a community garden and buy, or even PICK your own produce!  Imagine how fresh and delicious it would be, too! 

Map it Out

Interested?  Great, because the Advocates for Urban Agriculture are working on the Chicago Urban Agriculture Mapping Project.  This is that tool I mentioned earlier that will make those community gardens more accessible, and maybe even encourage more of you to take the gardening plunge!  The idea is to put each garden, whether it’s a backyard patch or an urban farm, on the map with a listing of the types of produce available.  What a great way to make it easy for citizens in a community to support local food growers, and also for restaurants to do the same by making it easy to find their ingredients close by!

Hey look!  Even CZS’s partner Eden Place Nature Center is listed!

More than Food

Gardening doesn’t just benefit urban areas for the food it produces, it also beautifies neighborhoods, builds a sense of community, and can be a source of nature-therapy to ease the stresses of urban life. Coolest of all, gardens are a carbon-sink, meaning they filter out that rampant carbon dioxide that is cause of climate change.

Eden Place

So, don’t get left out.  Check out the websites, make sure your favorite garden is listed, and get to growing locally!

Posted: 11/5/2015 4:48:36 PM by Steve Pine

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