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Six-month-old Kecil orangutan has been at Brookfield Zoo for just over a month now. The day he arrived we could hardly contain our excitement! Knowing Maggie so well, we felt certain she would be gentle with him. Maggie went right over to Kecil when they were introduced and touched his head gently with her lips. Kecil took meeting Maggie in stride and they are bonding more every day. Now Maggie does the round the clock work of caring for him and we keepers provide his nutrition. It is unusual for an orangutan to adopt an infant but there are a few special females like Maggie who find room in their lives to care for another’s offspring.
Our primary goal in introducing Kecil and Maggie was to provide a normal upbringing for him. The longer infant orangutans are raised by humans the harder it is for them to interact normally with other orangutans later in life. An unexpected outcome has been the change we are seeing now in Maggie. She is so attentive to Kecil, she watches out for him, plays with him and cuddles with him. It seems to have given her a new purpose in life. We are all thrilled by the progress we see in their relationship every day!

-The Tropic World Asia Keepers

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Kecil Orangutan

Updates on baby orangutan Kecil who arrived at Brookfield Zoo on June 20, 2014 to be introduced to a surrogate mom, Maggie, the zoo’s 53-year-old Bornean orangutan.


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