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New Teeth; New Diet

Kecil OrangutanOrangutans have the same number of teeth, which emerge in the same order as human infant’s teeth and at about the same age.  When Kecil arrived at Brookfield Zoo, he had two tiny lower teeth.  Over the next two months, more teeth erupted and we saw him chewing on everything in sight while he was teething.  He now has a set of 10 baby teeth, and the addition of two very large top front teeth has really changed Kecil’s overall look.  He is even more adorable now!
With most of his baby teeth out, Kecil can now eat chunky pieces of soft food from Maggie’s diet.  He likes sucking on small pieces of tomato, and can process small pieces of steamed carrot and steamed sweet potato.  He just tried some ripe pear and LOVED it!  Banana is of course a favorite and is still mixed into his oatmeal cereal twice a day.  We are also introducing him to small pieces of a primate biscuit that we feed to all the adult orangutans and has the vitamins and protein they need for a healthy diet. 
Kecil is also down to four bottles a day now.  The night keepers report that Kecil is used to the routine of his night bottle and is usually waiting for them with Maggie at the front of their exhibit area. He has begun sucking on Maggie’s cheek while he waits for the bottle to be warmed, slurps it down and goes back to sleep.
- The Tropic World Asia Keepers
KLOG Entry – October 6, 2014
Still offering a small piece of primate biscuit both soaked in formula and dry.  Kecil takes it readily but spits it out after a few seconds.  Maggie is happy to consume what he spits out.
KLOG Entry – October 20, 2014
Now that Kecil is eating some adult diet items, the Tropic World Asia team decided to add a small diet bowl for him inside Maggie’s diet bowl.  Additional daily diet items for Kecil have been added to the diet prep chart.

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Kecil Orangutan

Updates on baby orangutan Kecil who arrived at Brookfield Zoo on June 20, 2014 to be introduced to a surrogate mom, Maggie, the zoo’s 53-year-old Bornean orangutan.


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