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#SkipTheStraw is an easy way people can cut down on plastics. Take a pass on straws when you eat out. Most disposable straws are used in the restaurant industry. At home most people drink directly from a cup without the use of a straw. Treat the restaurant like home, drink directly from the glass.

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Quality Water for All

Water is life. Clean water is essential to healthy living for people, animals, and plants. Water quality impacts life everywhere in Peru, not just in the ocean or along the beach.  Ensuring there is plenty of healthy, quality water is important to the researchers and scientists in the Punta San Juan Reserve every day, but this August’s International Water Quality Month had deeper meaning after devastating floods from a costal El NiƱo hit Peru in early 2017.

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Plastics Pause

Did you know this month is International Plastic Free July? Grab and go and single use items have become common products to use during the hustle and bustle of daily life. Beauty scrubs may contain microscopic plastic beads, straws come with every drink, and lots of us get our water from a plastic bottle.

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Beyond the Beach

Some of the most important work we do for the animals and environment of the Punta San Juan reserve may not be seen by visitors and volunteers, but it is essential to protecting the habitat and its inhabitants. 

posted 6/26/2017 11:56:15 AM |

Tracking the Future of Punta San Juan

Monitoring Punta San Juan’s sea lion population is just one of the ways we track the health of the local ecosystem.  Each year we collect data to monitor size, weight, and general health of the animals. 

posted 5/23/2017 12:51:39 PM |

Punta San Juan Hero

Everyone knows that Disney is the “Happiest Place on Earth,” but few people know that Disney strives to make the Earth happy, too.  The Disney Conservation Fund helps support non-profit environmental organizations around the world, and they're honoring one of our scientists as a Conservation Hero.

posted 4/17/2017 11:36:05 AM |

Citizen Science

Monitoring the populations of species that call Punta San Juan home is necessary to check on the health of the marine-costal ecosystem.  One of the ways we monitor these species is by tagging individual animals our conservationists and veterinarians contact.  

posted 3/24/2017 4:43:23 PM |

Meet the Team

Meet the team: a combination of incredible staff and volunteers who help protect the natural habitat of the Humboldt penguin and enbles us to learn about this amazing ecosystem.

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Welcome to Punta San Juan Conservation and Education Program

Protecting and conserving Punta San Juan’s coast line, birds, reptiles, and mammals can’t be done alone.  Meet the team and learn about how they're helping the local wildlife

posted 1/30/2017 12:53:28 PM |

Punta San Juan

Read about updates to the Chicago Zoologicial Society's connection to conservation efforts in Peru at the Punta San Juan reserve!


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