Environmental Quality Program

Because the Brookfield Zoo is concerned for the safety and well-being of animals and human visitors alike, we pay scrupulous attention to the variety of environments we establish. Creating and maintaining the many bodies of water found in habitats around the zoo is no small challenge. Our Water Quality Monitoring Program, a major component of our Environmental Quality Program, shoulders this responsibility.

The program takes the quality of our water very seriously—with good reason. 

Water is essential to life, a fact we humans tend to take for granted. But any visit to the zoo reinforces the crucial role that water plays for all living creatures. We maintain over sixty different aquatic systems and water features throughout the zoo, from simple ponds to complex salt-water coves, and create special effects environments ranging from basic rain to humid rain forests. Along with all this, we also maintain interactive spray pads and fountains to provide an optimal environment for our human guests. For all our bodies of water, we apply rigorous testing and safety standards that meet and often exceed regulatory standards, including those set by the EPA. All of our aquatic systems are tested on a regular basis. We test older established systems at least once each week, and newer systems and those our guests come in contact with more frequently, sometimes as often as twice a day. Besides ensuring that our water systems are safe and sufficient for the needs of the animals that depend on them, the Water Quality Monitoring Program also looks beyond our own confines. In keeping with CZS’s strong commitment to conservation, the Program also plays a leading role in developing conservation-minded models for zoo water-quality control worldwide.